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Solutions to top 5 HR challenges related to attendance and time tracking

Effective management of employee time and attendance is pivotal for the success of any organization because they are directly related to employee productivity. The company will have to pay a huge price for the mismanagement of these two factors. Added to that, if there are errors in attendance tracking, it will create a chaotic situation in employee management.

Attendance and time tracking is one of the major responsibilities of the HR department. Errors in the calculation of leaves and attendance will affect employee satisfaction levels. Besides, time tracking is important to assess employee engagement. However, there are certain challenges that the HR department faces in attendance and time tracking. Here are solutions that the attendance and time tracking feature of My Payroll Master, a free HRMS software, offers to some of these challenges:


Now here are the solutions to top five challenges faced in attendance and time tracking


Manual entering of attendance and time tracking data can lead to errors and disputes. They can result in waste of time and affect employee satisfaction. The automated attendance and time tracking feature of My Payroll Master, free HRM software, helps to prevent errors and avoid subsequent complexities. The software also makes attendance recording totally tamper-proof. 'Buddy punching' is a problem that many companies face. My Payroll Master HRM system comes with biometric punching solutions. As access to the already recorded data is controlled, tampering with the same would be impossible.


The attendance and time tracking feature of My Payroll Master gives greater flexibility for marking attendance as punching can be done from anywhere using their smartphones. This is especially helpful for work-from-home professionals and on-site workers. My Payroll Master is integrated with GPS technology which makes employee location tracking possible. This makes monitoring easy and enables the managers to give instructions to on-site employees accordingly.

Real-time monitoring

With the attendance and time tracking feature of My Payroll Master, employers can monitor employees punching in and out real time from anywhere. This makes better employee management possible.

Web-based interface

As My Payroll Master, which is a totally free HRMS software, has a web-based interface. Employees can log in to the system using this interface and record their attendance or hours/days spent on a particular work or project. It reduces the workload of HR professionals and increases the participation of employees in the HR operations.

Multiple leave policies

With My Payroll Master, the free HRM software, you can set up multiple leave policies for different categories of employees. This automates the leave allocation and avoids any chances for disputes. It also prevents unplanned leaves and lack of enough workers owing to multiple employees taking leave on the same day.

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